For You In Your Cubicle

by Tape Hiss and Sparkle



Originally released online in 2010, these tracks have been remastered for better listening.


released January 31, 2010


all rights reserved



Tape Hiss and Sparkle Cape Town, South Africa

Tape Hiss & Sparkle was started in 2009, by Simon Tamblyn while he was still in The Sleepers. TH&S is Mandisi Nkomo on drums, Helen Westcott on bass, Catherine Schenck on cello and Tamblyn on guitar and vocals.

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Track Name: Middlesex
forward you walk
in a silent world
with cold complaining
now you see her
the object
feed her plums and smokes
she's on a warpath
but you knew that
you felt it in the woods
you are complete
as our blessed eternity
you are the beast
the rhythm in the sea
half in and out
in the water kick your feet
somewhere you will find your home
cleaning in the dark
this is a silent world
with eager strangers
now you see her
as you saw her photographs and cigars
on a train to nowhere in particular
somewhere you will find your home
Track Name: Blonde Jazz Singer
ordinarily i would
make a mistake
ordinarily i would
tremble and shake
not now no
i will not falter
i will not break
i know it all too well
a blonde jazz singer
can sing the world to sleep
and suddenly you're here
without a complaint
ordinarily i would
leave this foul place
a blonde jazz singer
neon winter
cold marrow in bone
Track Name: Interstellar Cape Robin
sitting in a garden chair
drinking beer while watching stars
my barefeet rests on the grass
yellowed by fourteen noon suns
overwhelmed by no divine
i was drunk with all your life
remove me from this solar system
no one is here
imagine golden branching threads
nutrinos paths a hidden light
i sent a signal out to you
from my garden to the sky
plastic wrappers in the road
a fence hung with drying clothes
remove from this lightless vacuum
Track Name: Good Riddance
i finally had fun when you had gone
joy and smiles and merry songs
good riddance to your bad rubbish
i turned the tv and radio off
i washed the kitchen dusted off
good riddance to your bad rubbish
i had to say what was on my mind
can't you hear me
i'm smiling from ear to ear
i finally had fun when you had gone
stretched out my muscles and wrote this song
Track Name: We Are The Key
beware the wasp
beware the other one
who builds his nest
and tears down everyone else's
they are disguised
disguised as our loved ones
you are deceived
don't be deceived
fire in the burning home
burning down your home
we are the key
lift your head and turn towards me
you should know there's more
we are key
lift your head and turn towards me
everyone should soar
hold on to this
hold on to everyone you miss
your lover's lips
your lover's hands and soft kiss
lift your head and turn towards me
Track Name: Icarus
bitter silence
hard heads killing floor
my worldly access is broken forever more
you sink your teeth in
follow the dirty lines
you wish that you were free
your history of fragile minds
sophie i hope you're having fun
i hope you're pleased with your life
pleased with what you've become
sophie i hope you're having fun
i hope you've forgiven me
things that i've done wrong
plunged into the darkened sky
diving through the ocean mist
i fall for my greatest crimes
exact my inner soul
measure my love
cracking from the cold
i burn my wax wings down
down a silent hole
Track Name: Pins In A Ballgown
don't feel so small now
we are one with all
to the stars above i send out my howl
don't you feel like dancing now
you are not alone here
we're not suffering
we are pins in a ballgown
in a dancehall sparkling
an ocean
a circus show
don't you feel like dancing
a tapestry exquisite
threaded down
everything is spinning round
Track Name: Mother City
we've been standing around in broken circles
in the silt our buried feet
i've been sleeping under table mountain
where our cold shadows meet
wake up hold on hold fast let go
this isn't us this isn't what we know
i've been thinking about our evolution now
as you punch through my door
i've never been so much of myself anywhere
she will claim her city
i've been drinking red wine with my devils
at the top of these stairs
in this crowded room i've spun myself dizzy
scared of ghosts that weren't there
i've been seeking out the best solution now
as we sleep on the floor
we work the earth for something
something we can't find
i've been thinking about our unborn children here
as she takes more and more
Track Name: Comet
burning just like a comet
you would light up the heavens
shooting star
the flame of love is alive
believe me
the sky was torn
please stop crying
we'll make it soon
some day we will be successes
i'll find you
some day we'll be great
Track Name: Escape From A Cubicle
give into your animal hunger
then don't eat don't drink spike no vein
our african sky echoes thunder
sweet relief and recourse to the pain you gave and received there
in your bones
is what you fear the most
in your skin
what's within
let's walk into a room like no other
windows sunlight it's warm and safe
don't keep hiding beneath the warm covers
to give in and tap out
purge binge purge binge purge

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