TH&S Demos Disc Seven

by Tape Hiss and Sparkle



Way in the beginning, TH&S started as a home recording solo project.

From 2009 to 2010, Tamblyn recorded 6 songs a month for 10 months. At first releasing them under his own name, and naming the collection Tape Hiss and Sparkle. It was on the sixth disc of these 10 releases that Tape Hiss and Sparkle replaced Tamblyn's name.

These songs were roughly recorded on a very small budget. They were and still are lo-fi.


released July 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Tape Hiss and Sparkle Cape Town, South Africa

Tape Hiss & Sparkle was started in 2009, by Simon Tamblyn while he was still in The Sleepers. TH&S is Mandisi Nkomo on drums, Helen Westcott on bass, Catherine Schenck on cello and Tamblyn on guitar and vocals.

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Track Name: A Song of Regret
cornered in by the same strokes of the brush
i paint them well

so thin
it lights up the three
the only thing i have ever loved
Track Name: Melodrama
a velvet crucifix
a suitcase full of lies

fluorescent chakras lift your spirits you said
the world's against you and you have no friends
cry over memories of your father who left
when you were young

you sigh so seriously
enough to turn our heads

mother hates you and your visits you said
the world's against and you have no friends
Track Name: All Our Houses
when i looked up i saw the slow storm in the wide azure
i had hid here to wipe my tears
the house was filled shouts and fists
and fear

but I won't lie
time was good to us
now we'll fall

the norfolk pine stretched high above
a standing silhouette against blue
the old alleyway was safe
old vodka and orange juice

but I won't lie
time was good to us
Track Name: Champagne and Italian Cars
i find you so wrong
crack cocain caked around your bones
i find you so dumb
champagne and italian cars

oh you of brittle heart
you of brittle heart
Track Name: Shut Up, Go Away
i don't care about your well-being
i don't care if you can't sleep
and all you want is forgiveness from me
i wouldn't care if you begged at my feet

i don't care about your family
i don't care of what they think of me
i can hear you screaming from the street
i'll turn my favourite song up
Track Name: Aeroplane
fill it with water to wash our satin
through and through
put that in the fire
now you know what to do

no one will save us
no one will come
no one will ever
when will you realise
that everyone suffers
everyone overcomes
there you go now
packed to fly

i will be waiting here for you

children of titans
run for the mountains
here comes saturn

fabled monsters
dead i know
yet are alive

no one will save us
no one will know
no one will ever
to rescue our brothers
pray for them now
forever everyone

there you are now there you are
up in the sky

all the women stood by
all the men drew out their knives
they caught the disease
there is guilt reason blood and your please please please don't go

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