TH&S Demos Disc Five

by Tape Hiss and Sparkle



Way in the beginning, TH&S started as a home recording solo project.

From 2009 to 2010, Tamblyn recorded 6 songs a month for 10 months. At first releasing them under his own name, and naming the collection Tape Hiss and Sparkle. It was on the sixth disc of these 10 releases that Tape Hiss and Sparkle replaced Tamblyn's name.

These songs were roughly recorded on a very small budget. They were and still are lo-fi.


released May 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Tape Hiss and Sparkle Cape Town, South Africa

Tape Hiss & Sparkle was started in 2009, by Simon Tamblyn while he was still in The Sleepers. TH&S is Mandisi Nkomo on drums, Helen Westcott on bass, Catherine Schenck on cello and Tamblyn on guitar and vocals.

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Track Name: Cemetery Trees
the cemetery trees are swaying
the wind is playing with their leaves
and we will be there soon underneath
will you let me touch you
warmly embrace you in our sleep
and watch the growth and fall of the leaves

let me save you
let me bring you relief
let me break you
as you broke you me before now
Track Name: In The Folds
all confessionalists
lie hidden in the folds
they're weeping in our midst
they write the great untold

one feels the endlessness
black space and distant cold
they weave their broken myths
from ink and mouth they flowed

if they could see
through massive veils
the great unseen
the ancient play

if they could look
to burning trees

understand that we all must go
Track Name: July 2003
Track Name: Taxidermy Scares the Children
behind the other eye
you look to the side
all my friends are beautiful
and taxidermy scares the children
and their parents are all vegan
all our friends are beautiful

behind the other eye
you look to me
all my friends are beautiful
you and i are so
Track Name: The Tsar is Coming
call in your daughters
from out the field
call in your sons now
carrying the sheaves

under heavy skies
we'll take our babies down
to the shelter below
to keep us safe from the bomb

call in your children
call in loved ones
Track Name: Tigeress
when i was a younger grub than i am now
my mother said to me
hold your head
sturdy and
don't you ever bend your knee

she told me then
she told me then

close the windows tightly 'fore you sleep

all while i traveled the world around and round
i dreamt of footprints in the snow
wire in hand
camera shy
exotic stripes
leaf blotted sky

i'd wake up then
i'd wake up then

sense her hidden and bloodthirsty eye

i am an old man
living in high deserts
she is personified
as an indian goddess
oh tigress at the window

when i was a younger grub than i am now
my mother said to me
earth in breast
throw the berries to the sea

i am an old man
living in high deserts
she is personified
as an indian goddess
i am new ether
spreading in the universe
this is where the heart breaks
this is where earth shakes
tigress at the window
oh this is where the wind blows

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